Supporting our staff to confidently repair normal and breakdown motors at Isithebe Armature Winders we use state of the art diagnostic equipment and facilities. Mostly utilized internationally and exclusively designed for the motor rewind industry such as: 




2 Baker Digital Testers – Model D12R & ST2.5E

Surge Testing is an important and effective test. It not only tests ground insulation, but more importantly, it tests turn-to-turn coil-to-coil and phase-to-phase insulation. If even one turn is shorted this will be detected.

Winding failures generally start with a turn–to–turn short. Circulating currents in that shorted loop generate excess heat that eventually deteriorates the insulation.

High voltage Surge Testing can detect faults before they destroy the motor. A majority of insulation faults start as weakness in the wire insulation. Holes in the wire insulation and damage during the winding process lead to shorts and quality problems. And ageing during operation reduces the dielectric strength of the insulation.

With the Baker Surge Tester these incipient faults can be detected before it destroys the motor. The quality of the winding insulation is tested and assured. During repair and service the condition of the winding insulation is determined to better serve our customers.

We also use this technique as a preventative maintenance measure, so production breakdowns in industy are minimised.

Vibrotest 60 Schenck Unit

Vibration Analysis allows us to help our customers prevent costly breakdowns, onsite or before motors leave our premises.

A full computerized vibration analysis available on request


VPI Facility

Fully computerized with SKADA & VPI Resin Tank- Dobekan Resin

Our VPI resins have been specifically formulated for Spoornet SA as a result of the continuous carbon problem they have encountered over the years. We are capable of offering you the same technology.

Advantages are:

• Better Heat Dissipation
• Longer Insulation Life
• Less Susceptible to Cracking and Corona
• Improved Resistance to Moisture and Chemicals
• Reduction of Coil Movement
• Improved Quality
• Lower Cost



 Schenck Dyne Load Testing - 450kW fully computerized.

The only eddy current Dynamometer unit in KZN that does 450kW full load testing from 1rpm to 5000rpm




Induction Bearing Heater with Demagnetizing Feature

Induction heaters are the modern, efficient and safe way to heat bearings. In operation, they are generally faster, cleaner, more controllable, and easier to use than other heating methods.


Computerized Motor Tracking System

Specifically designed for our customer requirements. Implemented in August 2007




 Overhead crane

Advantages: Clean floor space, Safty, Heavier Payloads, Complete Coverage, Inexpensive Operating Costs, Ergonomically Friendly, Increased Productivity & A More Diverse Work Force.




                      1 x 4000kg, 1 x 2500kg & 1 x 1750kg




6 x 1 ton Bakkies, 1 x 1.5 ton truck & 

2 x 6 ton trucks

 Computerised Core Tester

This test is done to predict reliability and operating cost of a motor after repair. The reason for a core loss test to be performed is to determine if the core iron of a motor has been damaged. These damages could include: 1.Rotor - 2.Armature - 3.Field Coils - 4.Electrical Arcing - 5.Short in the Stator



 In-house Machining

Our own in house machine and fabrication shop.

Site Maintenance Services / Motor Preservations

The electric motor is an essential part of many systems supporting a facilities operation. Failure of electric motors in those systems can lead to costly down time, loss of production, inconvenienced building occupants, prolonged outages of services, and even damage to the process or contents. So it is of great importance that most electric motors have a long, trouble-free service life. The key requirement is maintenance, to keep them operating.

While a typical domestic electric motor might be a low-maintenance item, it still requires regular maintenance if it is to achieve the longest possible service life. It is a known fact that most motors do not reach their design life; this is an indication that few organizations are properly maintaining their inventory of motors.

Establishing a motor maintenance program starts with an understanding of the causes of motor failure and the steps that can be taken to reduce their impact. Isithebe Armature Winders program would include regular inspections and maintenance activities, designed to keep a motor running efficiently. And we will include predictive maintenance activities that help identify and correct small deficiencies before they cause costly motor failures.

PEACE OF MIND, because It's too late once it fails


The balancing of rotating bodies is important to avoid vibrations. In heavy industrial machines such as electric generators and motors, vibration could cause catastrophic failure. For a body to be completely balanced it must have two things:

1. Static Balance - This is when there is no resultant centrifugal force, and the centre of gravity is on the axis of rotation.

2. Dynamic Balance - This is when there is no resulting turning moment along the axis.


3 Baking Ovens & 1 Burn Out Oven

Digitally regulated with temperature trend recording

Temperature control in the baking and burn out process is critical. Should it get too hot to fast or too cold to fast, there could be warping in the frame/core or incomplete varnish/resin cure. That would drastically reduce the efficiency of the motor and its effective rewound lifespan. At Isithebe Armature Winders we employ the latest in digital oven temperature control and temperature trending recording